Can I also protect my children with a protective order?

When you fear someone enough to get a protective order, you may also fear for your children’s safety, as well. Fortunately, the court does understand this and offers protection.

When filing a protective order (using form AOC-CV-303 found here), you must select certain items in order to seek protection for your children. Item (7) on page three (3) gives you a couple of options to protect minor children. Items (d) and (e) prevent the person you are seeking a protective order against from going near your children at day care and/or school. Also, item (a), your residence, protects both you and your children while in your home. Item (12) provides for temporary custody of your children. Please note this is only temporary custody, so you must still file a child custody action to receive permanent custody of your minor children.

If you have filled out form AOC-CV-303 and filed it on your own, we highly recommend you consult an attorney to help protect you and your children’s rights. You will likely have to face the person you are seeking a protective order against in court, and having an attorney on your side who understands the court process can help you.